B’lockhouse is the nexus of operations of entrepreneur Josh Blaylock.

B’lockHouse, while diverse, maintains focus on developing businesses that thrive from creativity and decentralization, always maintaining professionalism mixed with a healthy dose of irreverence and fun.

As technology creates a more decentralized world, and the shifting business world needs more right-brained leaders, B’lockHouse is on the rise. Having foreseen many of these trends ahead of the curve allows Blaylock to be a source of knowledge for clients and customers embracing and wading through change.

How does a once aspiring comic book artist end up as an entrepreneur with interests in businesses ranging from creative services to digital currency strategies and crowdfunding consultation? You’ll have to get to know Josh to know the full story.


“It’s important for entrepreneurs to maintain a core vision – for me it’s about my personal values first, after which I gravitate to the businesses that fall within them. At the end of the day you want to be proud of what you’ve built, success or fail.”

– Josh Blaylock


You’ll see that term a lot here. A coin termed by Josh that represents the need that’s arising with the breakdown of central controls in the modern worlds of media, business and most recently finance. A need to, rather than “control” these systems, to find organic symbiotic relationships for all parties. New systems that scale the individual’s power, creating something bigger than before.


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Oh, and dont' forget to have fun!

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