Josh Blaylock’s path to Hollywood came by way of the comics-to-film craze, as graphic novel based blockbusters rose to new heights. This opened many doors to relationships with producers, directors, talent agencies and musicians which are still growing to this day.

Blaylock’s first deal was with producers Daniel Alter and Adrian Askarieh, and with then Universal Studio’s Rogue Pictures for the comic book Hack/Slash, which led to representation with William Morris Endeavor, and several other entertainment deals.

Other deals have included:

Studio Deals: 

– New Line Cinema: Drafted (sci-fi, alien invasion)

– Rogue Pictures: Lost Squad (horror, period piece, action)

– 20th Century Fox Television: Nightwolf (horror, drama)

– ABC Family Television: Will Triumph Fights Alone (superhero, comedy)

Producer Deals/Relationships

– Lorenzo DiBonaventura Productions

– Mike DeLuca Productions

– Bender Spink Productions

– Daniel Alter

– Adrien Askarieh/Prime Universe

– Trigger Street Productions

– DiVide Pictures

– Alexandra Milchan

– Neil Moritz

– McG

Director/Actor Attachments on Related Projects

– Kevin Spacey

– Taylor Lautner

– Milo Ventimiglia

– Hayden Panettier

– Louis Letterier

– Markus Nispel

– Todd Lincoln