“Crowd Funding will be looked back on in the future as one of the most fundamental worldwide game-changers of business since the dawn of the internet. Well, that or it will be so commonplace and taken for granted that it won’t be looked back on at all. It’ll just be insane to think things were ever done another way.” – Josh Blaylock


Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are shifting the landscape of entrepreneurship under the nose of traditional models in a fundamental way.

  1. They are reducing the need for angel investors
  2. They are providing better test-marketing for proof-of-concept ideas
  3. Angel & VC capital in turn is starting to question why it should invest in an idea not first proven via crowdfunding
  4. The values of what are funded are shifting from Angel / VC values to what society as a whole values – from the benevolent to the absurd.
  5. The power of creation is shifting to the producers and not the institutional backer.
  6. New infrastructure NEEDS are arising for the decentralized, start-up creative mind.
  7. Soon… they won’t need VC capital to fund companies either.

With entrepreneurs, inventors and artists ever increasingly able to bypass institutional lenders and banks and pursue their dreams via crowd contributions, it has given a massive boost to the “American Dream.”

It’s causing entrepreneurs and creatives to ask “Why do I actually need a [publisher, music label, investor, distributor] when I can do this myself?” B’lockHouse specializes in answering that question. And if the answer is “You don’t,” well, then that’s the answer they get.

But it’s a loaded bag. Actually, just because a musician can raise money to fund a new CD and tour, or a writer can fund a new book, it doesn’t mean they want their days to be spent processing purchase orders, shipping orders and handling customer service questions. What this means, though, is there is a new leveling of the playing field.


Now, old institutions with 3rd rate execs sucking off the teet of company talent are DONE. In turn, flakey talent that’s riding on a history of success funded by the institution but who isn’t producing? Your DONE.

Now, it’s all about “You show me yours and I’ll show you mine,” and a refreshing new industry can be reborn.

B’lockHouse values finding that middle ground that truly provides a value to both parties – the symbiotic “sweet spot” that works alongside this new decentralized technology.

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