Blockhouse Grids-05Charged Life is a co-op organized by Josh Blaylock, acquired from a long time friend and business partner, providing affordable,  high quality supplements and superfoods to its members. It’s also an outlet to pursue studies of the latest natural health breakthroughs.

Modern Western society has access to the most amazing medical technology ever imagined by humankind. But it’s also extremely interwoven with corporate and political interests that hold back breakthroughs and  new understandings of the body’s ability to heal itself.

The more we learn about genetics, the less we learn that we know, and the respect for nature’s genius grows. The latest subjects in epigenetics are unlocking even more abilities within the human body for self-healing and extreme longevity, while conversely tampering with genetics before they are truly understood, has potentially resulted in negative health consequences for millions of individuals.

The paradigm is shifting, but we’ve a long way to go where nutrition and medicine can live together in harmony. Today in the USA, simply suggesting that a patient may want to try another alternative to chemotherapy or radiation for cancer treatment can cause a doctor to lose his medical license, and possibly serve jail time. Insinuating a nutritional product may help cure an ailment has resulted in wellness centers being raided by the FDA with machine guns drawn, several times in the last ten years alone.

For more B’lockhouse research into this field, see the video samples below or check out Josh Blaylock’s personal blog on the subject: Health Insurgence.

111 Year Old Bernando LaPolla at Yankees game. Chef, Herbalist, Author of Age Less Live More (written at age 107)

Lou Corona, Age 61: Anti-Aging / Enzyme Expert

Dave Conrardy – Stage 4 Colon Cancer Remission, 230 lbs Weight Loss, Diabetes Reversal

Documentary on Genetically Modified Foods

Documentary on Healing Power of Nutrition vs. Pharmaceuticals

111 Year Old Bernando LaPolla at Yankees game. Chef, Herbalist, Author of Age Less Live More (written at age 107)

The brilliant Dr. Koldziej, famous for treating terminally ill patients in Northwest Chicago